Creative Juices Flowing

I recently bought my first home which is an adventure in its self! I have rented my fair share of places ….Just ask anyone who has ever had to help move. I’ve only moved about a billion times  over the past 3 years! Clearly I was ready to be in one place for a while and so the adventure of owning my own home comes into play.

I love owning my own place and getting to decorate however I please. It makes me feel like an “official” grown up! I’ll let you in on a little secrete, I’m not very good at decorating! Haha… secrete that makes me chuckle a bit just thinking about it.

Something however has happened recently…something pretty serious. I have clearly been bitten/infected by a bug you would say… It comes in many colors can be used just about anywhere and it makes a space into something new. It makes a space yours and yours alone. What has happened to me do you ask? I’ve been bitten by the painting bug and it has now become an obsession! Last night my creative juices were flowing and I just had to paint something. I thought i would share with you what it is that i decided to paint because I’m pretty darn proud of it! I decided to paint verse on the back of my bathroom door. On the back, you say? Yup, on the back!

The only way to discover this little masterpiece is if you close the bathroom door. I want my house to be a constant reminder of our creator, so what a better place than the bathroom?!? People spend a LOT of time in there, if you know what I mean?!? 🙂 I took some pictures so I could show you what I did and what my future plan will be.


End result of my painting craziness, I’m quiet fond of it 🙂

Another shot of the door, I just think its so fun!

Another shot of the door, I just think it’s so fun!

I didn't get to finish the bottom, but I have plans for it! :)

I didn’t get to finish the bottom, but I have plans for it! 🙂

What do you think? Does this look like it would work?

What do you think? Does this look like it would work?

What do you think? Does it look okay? Any suggestions for the bottom part of the door other than what I posted? How do you get your creative juices flowing? For me painting has just been something recent but it’s clearly becoming an obsession! Happy Tuesday!


4 responses to “Creative Juices Flowing

      • lol. I wish. I have little patience for things and so I am rusher. I like to just have things done so I miss out on the little details, they matter too.

        Your door is beautiful. I love the verse you chose. 🙂

  1. Love it! I really like the Anchor too. Here is that quote I was telling you about before: “To know the strength of the anchor you must first feel the force of the storm.” I like it!

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