Till Death Do We Part

I’m not married and no I’m not dating anyone special. I am however in the stage of my life where several of my friends are getting married. I found this video to be very eye opening! I know without a doubt I want this for my marriage. Who doesn’t want great friends to support you along the way? Especially a road, that I know will not be a easy one.

Hope you enjoy! What do you think about the video? Do you think she makes valid points?


2 responses to “Till Death Do We Part

  1. Love this post, because it (the video) is kind of a bold statement that does make people want to voice opinions! Good job, girl! And I do think she makes some valid points, but one thing I can say from experience with friends is that when they are going through a rough time in marriage- they really don’t need to hear your opinion on what they should do about it so much as they just need you to be there to listen to them and support them so that THEY can make the right decision about what to do. If you try and tell them what you think, they may resent you for it later… just sayin- oh and I love a good chocolate fountain- FYI

    • Haha… yea that’s what i mean by I’m so doing this.. DUH… I was so talking about the chocolate fountain. 🙂

      I think its just good to have friends who support you. You’re right someone to listen. Girl you need a blog!

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