Splashing Into A New Adventure

I thought I should take the time to introduce my Best Friend to you, Lyndsey. She will most certainly  be in up coming posts because she is involved in ALL my adventures. If you look up the word “Big Deal” in my dictionary, Lyndsey’s name would be right next to it.  Speaking of looking up definitions, I looked up the word “big heart” on Google. I know silly right? Anyway this is what it says: COMPASSIONATE, Synonyms: sympathetic, empathetic, feeling, concerned, kind, kindly, kindhearted, considerate, caring, gentle, benevolent. Those are just SOME of the words that describe Lyndsey. Anyone who meets her or gets to be a part of her life knows this within minutes. Did I mention she is fun?

I told you she was fun!

I told you she was fun!

Lyndsey is starting a new job and I wanted to make her something special.  I found this cake on a blog a few weeks back and I thought it was perfect! I’m not exactly a baker by any means… that’s actually Lyndsey forte. I put aside my baking fears and decided to make it into a little baking “Adventure”! You know summon my inner Martha Stuart and who doesn’t like adventures? Well although I’m not really sure I have an inner Martha, I tackled it anyways… and I LOVED the process!


I’m not so good at the baking… the decorating I can do… the baking… not so much 🙂


It ended up looking great! Well at least I thought it did and I had SO much fun decorating it!

I LOVE making special little gifts for people that I love. It makes my heart MAJORLY happy. What makes your heart happy? Do you like to make little gifts for others?


3 responses to “  Splashing Into A New Adventure

  1. Wow, Kayla! It looks so yummy and so cute! I love the duck that you found- best of luck to Lyndsey in her new work 🙂

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