Friday Highs and Lows

I’m a dreamer and I’m always looking for the best in any situation.  The Lord is consistently blessing us, we just need to realize it. Don’t get me wrong, I know not every day is rainbows and sprinkles….or in my case french fries and potato chips (Favorites) BUT I bet if you try, you can at least find ONE blessing each day.  A  few things I do, when thinking about the “little” blessing I receive, is to jot them down. I usually try to do this right after they happen or other times it may just hit me when I’m thinking over the day.  The “little” blessings honestly get me through the day and to stop and think over what the Lord has given me each day,  it makes my heart beyond happy. I saw Highs and Lows done on several of my favorite blogs and I thought, hey I can do that! I already do and I love doing it. So here are some of my Highs and Lows for this week. What are some of yours? I really would love to hear your thoughts!

Oh and did I mention? It’s the FIRST official day of summer! Hope you all have a great weekend and get out there and have some adventures!!



-First Day of summer, loving the sun

-For a God who says, be a blubbering mess my child, I so have you!

-Friends that love me unconditionally, in my weakest moments. Example: Blubbering mess

-For maintaining a good attitude and the Lords forgiveness when I fail in that area.

-Summer nights with the Bestie sitting at sonic talking about anything and everything

Lyndsey: I’m probably going to get cancer and my arms are going to fall off

Me: Laughing for a LONG time… am I allowed to laugh about cancer and her arms falling off?

-Tuesday night church softball games and playing at the park with the youth pastors daughter, Addy

-Rest and having no school for the summer, marvelous!

-Inspiration from the Lord and being crafty in my new house… it needs a name. Any suggestions??


-Sunday not being the easiest but the Lord walking with me despite of that

-Wearing flip-flops at a park that is covered in tiny little rocks. Not cool…

-Burpies… We have a love/hate relationship…more on the hate side of course.


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