Springfield Cardinals Adventure

ImageYesterday, I promised pictures of my weekend adventures. Going in order, I will start with Friday’s adventure. I don’t mean to overwhelm you (by “you” I mean my 3 followers:), but I have several pictures to share! If I haven’t mentioned it, I’m a little obsessed with documenting life/my adventures through taking pictures. I LOVE being able to look back and see what I’ve done and how much the Lord has blessed me. I love seeing how he has changed my life and allowed me to grow. Pictures are just one way to document this process.

This past Friday, I was asked by my bestie to go to a Springfield Cardinals game. She was going with her family and when she asked me about going to the game, all she said was, “Want to go a Cardinals baseball game?” What do you think when you hear the word Cardinals and baseball? You think the St. Louis Cardinals right? Well that’s exactly what I thought which made this adventure even more exciting. Let’s be honest here, I didn’t REALLY care where we were going. Why? Well because I LOVE these people and spending time with them = awesomeness.  However, it was still a little funny when I came to the realization that it was actually in fact, the SPRINGFIELD Cardinals game that we would be attending. The laughs didn’t stop there either my friends. The adventure was jam-packed with random stories, a conference call from lynds granny (in the car!), dance parties at the game, cheering, laughing from inside jokes, and we even slept on the way home (lynds and I not the driver :).  It was such a good night and I loved every moment of it! Here are some photos from my little adventure 🙂


She will probably throat chop me for posting this, but I don’t care. It’s just so fun and its so Lyndsey. She is sassy!


Lyndsey’s parents are just too cute!! What a great example for me of Godly relationship!


The field…well part of it. It was a perfect day to watch a game.


She’s a pretty great best friend, no lie! She encourages me daily in my walk with the Lord.


Lynds somehow got a hold of the camera….the end result a picture of me. I’m working on this whole being in pictures thing.




Relaxing before the game started


Still waiting for it to start, so why not take more pictures? 🙂


Break time


Enjoying the game, notice how there are way more people 🙂 Love it!

I loved every moment of it and I hope i get the opportunity to go again! Love this family and spending time with them, I literally laughed so much! What are some of the fun things you did this past weekend?   If you have the chance go out to a Springfield Cardinals game, you should! The game was pretty darn amazing!! Remember that absolutely anything can be an adventure and that you don’t have to be on “vacation” to have the vacation experience. 🙂


2 responses to “Springfield Cardinals Adventure

  1. Ok, why are they set on Lemmerman? I don’t get it. He’s big but can’t hit and leads the team in errors! These are facts…

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