Blessings and Growth

I decided to switch up Highs and Lows with Blessings and Growth. I got the idea Highs and Lows from a marvelous blog that I read on a daily basis. Seriously this blog rocks my socks off, you should check it out. I think it was the “About me” section that made me love it so much, anything that is as mushy as I am, will win my heart instantly. I fell in mushy gushy love with their idea of Highs and Lows for Fridays. I like the idea of remembering the good and bad things of the week but I didn’t want to just steal their idea. I wanted the same concept but for it to be my own spin on it. Therefore I’m decided to go with “Blessing and Growth”, it could change though in upcoming posts. Blessings, being the things that have just blessed my heart and Growth being areas I need to grow in and would need some prayer. Let me know what you think, is Blessings and Growth a good thing to do? Any suggestions? Here we go 🙂


-Freebies that make my heart happy oh so happy! Shutterfly blessed me with a code to make a free photo book this week, which they are normally run about 30+ $’s, can you say awesomeness?!?!?

-random moments of worship sitting at Raise the Blaze, I love me some worship no matter the time or length!

-Golf cart rides to the “ocean” aka Lake with little Addy at Raise.

-For summer moments of sitting outside with the bestie, sitting outside and sharing what the Lord is doing in our lives, for just Lynds in general, her ability to be such great listener without judgement, allowing the Lord to use her in my life, and for the Lord blessing me with such a GREAT friend.

-A week full of mushyness, new promises, wounds being healed, celebrating a new job for Lynds, and just have eyes wide open to the blessing the Lord has given me.


-I’m working on my attitude and taking captive my thoughts. I’m doing a study on David by Beth Moore and it says when you think those negative thoughts, simply bring them to the Lord. It’s a very general concept but has really impacted the way I deal with things. I’m not saying I sit around thinking negative thoughts all day, but let me be real here. Some of the students that I help on a day to day basis, can be a little trying. A few of them have brought me to the point were I could possibly have a rage blackout, haha. NO not really, I just really wanted to used that saying. 🙂

-Finding myself worth in the Lord and not in others. He is my source and my everything. Who I am is found in him and not in how much someone likes me or says nice things about me. I do like being liked though, who doesn’t?  It’s a continual process I’m working on and the Lord is walking with me every step of the way.

-Being still and waiting on the Lord, I have about 6 months left before I apply to the nursing program. I need to finish Anatomy, Physiology, and the TEAS test. I’m a little terrified but excited at the same time. I’m learning to take one step at a time and just trust in the Lord that He will bring me though.

What has blessed you this week? What area’s are you growing in and could possible need prayer? Nothing would make my heart happier than to pray for you!

On another note, I’m pretty pumped about the weekend not going to lie! When Friday rolls around I can barely contain myself, it’s like I’m a small child! All I need to do is make it through a day of work and I’m home free! What are your weekend plans? I’m going to the movies tonight to see the movie  “The Heat“! I’ve wanted to see it since I saw the trailer like a month ago. Actually I was ready to see it minutes after seeing the trailer.  If you haven’t seen the trailer click the link above, you will laugh your head off just from the preview!!! I most definitely will be doing a mix of laughing/snorting/crying all night while being in the theater. Oh and yesterday, I said I would post the video of Lynds blowing up floaties in my Jeep. It made me laugh so hard, it might not be that funny to you. It might be one of those in the moment funny things anyways,  Happy Friday Bloggers!


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