Strangers, It Only Takes One

This weekend has been a bit of a blur for me, not going to lie!! Okay maybe not the whole weekend because I actually had a very good weekend. It just took a turn about mid afternoon on Sunday and then most of the day Monday. You see,  I got sick half way through the afternoon on Sunday and have been a sleep coma ever since. Sleep coma’s are GREAT but it tends to shut you off from the rest of the world. I’m a people person so after coming out of this I felt a bit off. Luckily I have an amazing friend, Lynds,  who came and saw me! The visit made me feel like a normal person again and was mucho appreciated.

The weekend, before the coma, was extremely enjoyable however. On Friday, I got to watch the movie “The Heat” with Lynds.  The movie was hilarious! There were several curse words which I every once in a while caught. I just some how blocked them out because of all the ridiculousness  that was going on in each scene.  If you can get past their potty mouths or just block them out like I do, then you should see this movie! It really is super hilarious and it has a hint of mushyness at the end. On Saturday we couldn’t figure out what exactly we wanted to do. The sun kept coming out and then going away. In the end, we chose to go to Haha Tonka (state park)  and to lay out at the pool later in the afternoon. I loved it, plus i still had part of the day left to get Jesus time in at the park.  Pictures to come of course because I was too lame to upload/edit them within the past two days.

I did get to watch this AMAZING video on Sunday that I thought I would share. I was almost in tears by the end of it but that’s mostly because I cry every 5 minutes. For those of you who cry every 5 minutes like me, beware and have some tissues nearby!

Seriously, how powerful right? You honestly never really know whom you are impacting and guess what? It only starts with ONE! One person that you impact could literally impact thousands. You could go into a tribe and tell one person about Jesus, invest in their lives, and then have them turn around and bring that WHOLE tribe to the Lord. We as Christians can impact so many just by impacting ONE person at a time. So don’t ever think you’re not doing enough, you ARE. God will use you if you are only willing. He can use you in BIG ways.  What did you get from the video, what are you thoughts? Do you have a person you are ministering too? Let me know what you think, Happy Monday… wait its Tuesday… Well Happy Tuesday bloggers!


3 responses to “Strangers, It Only Takes One

  1. I had forgotten to ask you how The Heat was. Glad to hear your good review, can’t wait to see it!

  2. Ok, so I got choked up…maybe a tear, but I am at work, so I’m trying to hide it. I loved the video. I teach that we all are given gifts from God, and we only have to trust Him to show us our gifts, and if we allow Him to use us, it is amazing what will happen.

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