Blessings and Growth

Um, In case you had no idea, ITS FRIDAY as well as 4th of July weekend! Happy 4th of July everyone! I am a day late in saying that BUT there is a perfectly good explanation for that. OK, maybe not perfect. 🙂  How do you say lazy only fancier? OH! I was feeling a bit lackadaisical yesterday. Yup, that’s goggle’s finest synonym for lazy. I’m trying to expand on my vocabulary skills a bit. 🙂 Any ways, I was feeling a bit lackadaisical yesterday, therefore no post.  It was probably the freedom of having the day off in the middle of the week. I started the day off in a fitting manner, which means… I slept in until I wanted to of course! That means i slept in until 9, wow I’m so old. I slept in, went to the gym, laid out at the pool, and went to the movies  (saw White House Down). Our firework display is not until Saturday so I still have some fun festivities to look forward to this weekend.  I thought I would show you few pictures of what my week as been like along with telling you about the blessing/growth in my life.  What are some of your plans for the weekend? Does anyone else have fireworks they are going to watch later this weekend? Hope you all had a great 4th of July as well as a great weekend!!!


-Shorter work week and getting a day to relax BEFORE the weekend

-America, the place I live and get to express who I am. We’ve got it so good ladies and gentlemen, so so good!

-Sappy texts that make my heart of so happy, the Lord knows how to bless me by using others.

-Revelations about life and just enjoying the summer while its here.

-Lynds, yup always thankful for her. Thanks Lord for giving me a sister from another mister, mucho blessed.


-Attitude as always and treating others the way I want to be treated.

-Learning more about prayer and why it’s so stinkin important!

-Being in the word more verses just being in prayer, it’s a continual growing process.

It’s picture time!

 PicMonkey Collage1// Time at the Park with Jesus, love being outside! 2// Lynds and I at Haha Tonka exploring. 3// Love Story, a book I’ve started and LOVE. 4// Tearing out Weeds at my house, fun! fun! 5// Yuckyness after the gym, yup me in my finest! 6// Love these girls, bowling adventure (didn’t happen this week but I liked the picture). 7// Getting ready to lay out, one of my favorite things!



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