Blessings and Growth


Happy Monday!! Okay, maybe I’m conveying that with too much pep! I kind of wish that Mondays were part of an extended weekend. Tuesday’s however then would make my heart unhappy, so I think it’s just the first day of the week.:) Any-who, I was planning on having this post  for Friday, however I ended up being super busy. I decided it was still okay for Monday, you know maybe get me out of the “Monday attitude”. Thinking about all the ways the Lord has blessed me perks me right up. The great thing is that he blesses us in little ways each day, it’s simply realizing it.

This past week was no different that any other but the Lord still provided those “little blessings”.  I don’t know if I’ve told you but I kind of love my life and the fact that get to walk with the Lord through it. I heard this saying a while back and I came to mind again today, “What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?” Pretty great stuff right? It challenges me to do this each day and to always think about what I’m thankful for. I am human and forget from time to time but God is good at quickly reminding me saying, “Hey crazy girl, I bless you tremendously!!”  So here are some of my blessings and growths, what are yours? If you woke up tomorrow with only the things you gave thanks to God for the day before, what would you have?


-Making it through 5 miles and not dying again, Indy Half Marathon here I come! Well hopefully!!!

-Jesus realizations, love when the Lord teaches and changes my heart for the better!

– For Bestie talks, sitting in my living room or hers, having a prayer warrior for a friend, and to friendship that the Lord talks about! Having someone who walks alongside you and encourages you in your walk. Someone who spurs you on, OH and did I mention she has made dance skills? Stay tuned, I’m sure I can get them recorded at some point! 🙂

-For little brothers who open up and share about how the Lord is encouraging them again.

-spontaneous trips to Windermere(wind from rear) to see old friends, followed by star-gazing on a dock. Love me some Jesus time under the stars!


-Consistently remembering that my sole purpose is to live for the Lord. That no matter where I’m at or what I’m doing that I should always be honoring to the Lord.

-Praying for others and the Lord making my heart sensitive to others who may need prayer. I am normally good at praying but mostly just for those super close to me.

-loving through my pride and accepting others when they are not willing to change. Loving like Christ does.

Oh and after writing this, it did make my “Monday attitude” much better! Of course it could be the doughnuts a teacher brought in as well… 🙂


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