Just Run


How do you feel about running? When you think of running do you think “Oh heck to the no” or do you think, “I’m ready, when and where?” I used to be the first one for sure! I can remember when I went to Iowa to visit my friend Jessie, aka physical trainer extraordinaire! I had a 6 hr car ride to see her with is el yucko in itself. The moment I got out of my car, guess who I was met by? Yup, it was Jessie of course. She was there to greet me yes but you know WHY she ran outside so quickly? She was ready to run! What were her first words? They were, “Hey Kayla, are you ready to run!?” You know what I thought? Um…. I think I may be coming down with something!! Jessie always promoted me to be a runner (well to exercise mostly) but it wasn’t until this year that I actually started becoming one for reals.

I love running and that’s never something I thought I would say. I love being able to run long distances!! It allows me to process things in my life. It gives me time to talk to the Lord and at the same time it’s bettering my physical health. My thoughts  have changed from  “oh heck to the no”  to “when can I run next?!?” Running = amazeballs… end of story. 🙂

Haha, not end of story… and yes I may be a little nuts for loving running! Running has shown me so much about perseverance and dedication. It points me back to my walk with the Lord (Everything should point you back to him right?). Yes running may be hard at times and you have to persevere to complete the miles. We have to persevere to reach the end goal: a betters us physically and mentally. Walking with the Lord is just like that, it’s going to be hard at times. We are going to have to persevere through and trust him in every area. We will not always feel his presence but can stand firm in his word. He is always with us and the end goal is for their to be less of us and more of him. Then end goal is to look like a completely different person someone who resembles Christ.

I wanted to leave you with a few encouraging quotes that I found. Yes, these are for runners but they can all be purposed towards anything in your life.


motivational-quotes-14I have a goal to run a half marathon and maybe someday a marathon. I’m so not there yet but I’m getting closer every day. I have goals to be a nurse  and to serve the Lord through it. I’m again nowhere near that goal but I’m closer now than I was a year ago. It’s my goal to look more and more like Jesus every day. I fall short so many times but my sole purpose and goal is to serve him.  What goals do you have? Not just with running but in life? God is constantly refining us making to be more like him. I may not be there yet, BUT I’m closer (with the grace of God) than I was yesterday. Happy Wednesday Bloggers!!

Oh and in case you didn’t believe me about Jessie being amazeballs, here is a picture of her while she is prego… workin it like always 🙂



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