Lazy Town USA

It’s official, I’m in lazy town. What is lazy town you ask? Well it’s when you get bitten by this bug. A bug that produces lazybones  and all you want to do is well… be lazy. 🙂  Okay, okay before you start freaking out and go to Google to search: lazyness bug…I must confess. There is no bug, I know now your disappointed. There is a far less adventurous explanation for why I’m in lazy town. It’s basically  because “vacation” is rapidly approaching. I’m not actually going on vacation but I took about 5 days off from work. My birthday is on Sunday so I figured, why not? So starting on Friday, I’m off till the coming Thursday.  I just have to make it past Thursday! I have to convince my brain to make it through these next couple of days. And therefore the conclusion of today’s post is pictures. Why? Because I’m in lazy town… well and because I love pictures!

PicMonkey Collage6

  1// I’m trying to eat better. My bestie has been inspiring with the foods she eats so I tried something new out!

2// It’s squash, mushrooms, kale, and shrimp. I put it all together and it tasted AMAZEBALLS!

3// This little kitty is my new pet! Well okay, He isn’t mine but he is always at my house so I pet him and am now claiming him as mine.

4//Bestie time, this is typically what we are doing. Sitting outside and talking.We are what she call’s “Solar Powered”.  This text happens to be a pretty important one….top secrete! 🙂 Love this girl!

PicMonkey Collage 75//These are my favorite! I could eat a whole bag in one day…which shouldn’t happen!

6// Spontaneous call to ask my friend what she was doing, lead to dinner at a lake restaurant! Love these little moments the Lord blesses me with!

7// My food, a buffalo wrap with sweet potato fries! Not the most healthy but hey, I ran that day! 🙂

8//Little Miss Addy, playing outside and enjoying the weather. Love spending time with this little one!!

PicMonkey Collage8

9//New shirt, Maurices 75% off find! I love it!!

10// Me and the Bestie on our Girls night out! Love spending time with her and the other two ladies who joined in on the fun!

Memorable: Lady dancing like she was giving birth….not cool! Lynds: what time is it (as we are leaving). Me: It’s like 10:30 Lynds: wow! We stayed out super late!! Me & Lynds: doing a little happy dance! We are so old! 🙂

11//Found these in my backyard while mowing! They are poke berries which are poisonous! They are super cool looking regardless if they are poisonous.

So that’s a recap of what went down this past week! I’m a little boring not going to lie! I love life anyways! How was your weekend? What adventures has the Lord blessed you with? Be thankful for life my friends, even when you’re in lazytown. 🙂


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