The Lord’s Lens

I LOVE reading. Well let me correct myself, I LOVE reading when its a GOOD book. 🙂 There is nothing like finding a GOOD book. This doesn’t always happen but, Guess what? I recently found a book that is just that, GOOD! Have you ever heard of the book called “Love Story” by Nichole Nordeman? It’s pretty dang fantastic. A phrase that fits it would be “amazeballs” Every minute that  I have spent reading it thus far has been pure enjoyment! If you have not read it, I recommend that you do so. Nichole sheds light on the stories of the bible that we all know so well. Stories like Adam and Eve, I mean come on we all know how that one ends right? Nichole paints a new picture of these stories, on that has helped me to learn quiet a bit! I had no idea there was so much more to these stories! Last night I decided to read a chapter before bed and man oh man! I had no idea how much I would learn!

The chapter I read last night was about Joseph. I’m not going to lie,  Joseph had a pretty messed up family. However most families today are FAR from perfect. I do have a few families I look up to don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think I know a family that is perfect. Why? Because no one is perfect, we are all sinners and make mistakes. Some families however, have it a little less together than others. Take Joseph for example, his own brothers were so jealous of him they wanted to kill him. They sold him off like he was an after thought. Imagine your brothers hating you so much they sell you! How crazy is that?? Straight up cray cray if you ask me!

Nichole Nordeman puts its best when she say’s this: “You can’t alter DNA. You can’t undo the abuse. But you can attach a different lens to your camera and start shooting life through an eye trained to look for the good and beautiful things of God. That’s the challenge I accepted. Change the lens and the lighting a bit, not the subject matter.”

After reading this, I really had to step back and process it. Alot has happened in my past that hasn’t been the easiest to deal with. I however have an amazing heavenly father who has walked with me every step of the way. He has taught me about forgiveness and about not hanging on the past. Like Nicole says, You can’t alter DNA, you can’t undo what happened BUT you can attach a different lens. It’s a whole new way of seeing it.  That’s what Christ does for us, he allows us to forgive and see life through a different lens. He allows us to see like he does and how Joseph did.

Joseph later had a chance at revenge towards his brothers. He  could have easy got hung up on the fact that, “Hey my brothers hated me.” “They sold me and went on with their lives.” Talk about shady, It’s not an easy thing to swallow. However he didn’t get hung up on it and neither should we. We serve a Lord who has a huge heart, he forgives like no other.  Nichole say’s it even better here: “But Jesus doesn’t do zippers. His love doesn’t get snagged or hung up on names or events or pronouns or gender or color or fancy coats or rotten brothers or families. His love doesn’t even get hung up on the branches of family trees that bend and sometimes break under the weight of our painful histories. It’s too busy at the roots. Where the soil is soaked in mercy. Where the living water of Jesus runs well beneath the seen surface.”

Oh what a great example for us and how we should live. Joseph allowed the Lord to use him and was open to forgiving the ones who hurt him. May we all live a life like Joseph, one where we see past the hurt. One where we love like the Lord and see things through a new lens, through the Lords lens. A lens of forgiveness and hope.


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