Birthday Blessings

So…. I’ve been MIA for a few days. I took a few days off which started on last Friday. I just didn’t have the desire to even look at a computer screen.  Well…except to catch up on random shows that I’ve had missed. I sure do have my priorities straight, right? I don’t know about you, but when you are sitting in front of a computer screen every day, at least for me…A computer is the last thing you want to see. It’s like a bad word. It’s like saying the name PETA in the house hold of a cattle farmer ( Hey I’ve done it… it doesn’t end pretty!). You get the picture though right? I just didn’t want to spend a exuberant amount of time on the computer, it was vacation time!

The time off rolled into a pretty special day for me, my birthday! I’m not going to lie, I love birthdays. I tend to down play them a bit but really love those random moments. Those random moments where you just feel so loved!! That’s what I LOVE about birthdays, those moments.

I had a pretty FABULOUS birthday, if i do say so myself! It was all thanks to my Bestie! Let me tell you, if the Lord chooses to bless you with a best friend…TREASURE him or her! Don’t you dare take that person for granted!! Especially if the Lord blesses you with a Godly best first who fights for you and REALLY does life along side you. It’s rare to have a friend who really walks along side you and fights for you with the Lord. It’s the type of relationship that David and Jonathan had in the bible, one centered on the Lord. I can truly say, that I have a friendship like that. I so don’t deserve it!  I thank the Lord daily for Lyndsey and for her friendship. Okay, sorry to get off with all that mush, just wanted to rant on my friend a little!

Lyndsey had a day full of surprises for me and I loved every minute. I knew she listened to me when I talked but I guess I never really comprehended how well she actually knew me. She picked me up on Saturday and didn’t tell me where we were going. Part of an adventure with Lynds is that she never has directions, well she has them but they are in her head. Famous words from Lynds,”I have a round about idea where it is.”  We almost always get lost before getting to our destination, which results in lots of laughter/ turning around in random areas. We reached our destination after turning around a few times and  when she pulled up to this little building called “The Mud Room”, I was instantly excited!

18384_10201431389404081_1990287048_nPicMonkey Collage

Excitement, can’t you tell?!?! I was pretty pumped about it! It was something I had never done before! We love doing adventures together so this was PERFECT. Have I mentioned my bestie is amazeballs… because she is! From here we got to pick what we wanted to paint (tons of different clay objects to choose from) and they would put it in this fire thingie… sorry i don’t know the technical lingo. It would basically set all the paint onto whatever we painted making it look super fun!

PicMonkey Collage251//Mad skills…yup! I picked out a light fixture! 2// The awesome color thingie. It showed you what the colors would look like after it was completely done/set. 3//Lynds showing her messy hands! She was the best at this little adventure!!

PicMonkey Collage26

4// All finished, it was super fun…I need more skills in this area but I LOVED doing it! 5// Lynds and her amazingness, this is her personality to! She is SO much fun!

PicMonkey Collage826//Bestie Selfie time, come on don’t tell me you haven’t ever done it! Can’t pass up an opportunity to have more pictures of ourselves right? 🙂 7// My favorite picture of all time! I think its because its so in the moment. A vehicle drove by with two guys, one of the guys decided to yell and whistle at us… this of course shocked lynds. The end result was this face… I had to snap a picture, fun right?

The day didn’t end there, no way! She dropped me off at my house only to pick me back up an hour later. I was told I was going to dinner with her but she actually had a surprise dinner in-store for me! We went to Baxters, one of my favorite places.  I figured it out that it wasn’t just us when we got out of the car. There wasn’t really a way to hide it because she made party favors for the guests. Super cute right? I wish i would have taken pictures but the lighting in there was not picture lighting.  Even though I knew we were meeting people, I had no idea who would be there. It was so much fun walking around the corner and seeing some of my favorite people!! All in all it was a pretty amazing Birthday. I felt majorly loved and blessed in so many ways!

I personally LOVE planning birthdays, probably even more than experiencing a birthday itself. Guess who’s birthday is coming up?? Lynds you better be ready!

How do you like to celebrate your birthdays? Do you like a big fuss made about you or do you prefer just a small gathering? I’m all about the little moments of feeling loved. I think that’s what makes the BEST birthdays! Happy Thursday my friends and guess what?!?! It’s almost Friday!!!


5 responses to “Birthday Blessings

  1. Lyndsey did a great job of making your day special! Glad I got to see how happy you were! You are really good at planning birthdays! Love ya!

    • I’m thinking about my kitchen! Or maybe my living room! I’m actually starting to decorate my living room. I will have to take pictures to show. I’m just not very good at being all Martha Stewart like…but I’m getting better!

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