Go and Make Disciples

I started this post last Friday and clearly it’s not Friday! Oh how grande that would be but no such luck. The new session at the college I work at is about to start and I have been a little swamped with work. It’s a good kind of swamped though, a swamped that I’ve missed ( I know I’m cray!). I’m about to start with a new session of nursing classes and I’m actually pretty pumped to be learning again. Yes, I may be a nerd but I love learning even if its hard! Speaking of learning, I wanted to share with you a little picture quote that I came across.  It’s a pretty simple concept but it really got the “wheels a turning”. I love those moments the Lord just really speaks to you and allows a concept (one you already know) to sink in deeper. Here is it!


What do you think of when you read this? I thought several things but mainly want to focus on one major thing.  We are to be a living example of Christ with our lives rights? Our sole purpose is Christ and living for him, easy right? When we choose to live for him, he will use us to lead others to him. I know its easy to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks of life. We live in a world that keeps us busy. However it’s not our sole purpose as Christians to just work a 9-5 job and just “coast” through life. Don’t get me wrong, working a 9-5 is NOT bad thing. I personally work 40 hours in one job and a few more in another. I’m busy, I understand being busy (busy is sometimes el-yucko).  I understand that we have to live life and provide for our families/yourself if your single like me, BUT (yes there is a HUGE BUT there) we should be living for Christ in those 9-5 jobs.

This is something that I have constantly struggled with. I’ve thought so many times, “I am just not doing enough for Christ” or “I should be in a foreign country doing more!”  However Christ has been continually reminding me that my mission field is RIGHT HERE! I don’t need to bash myself for not being in another country because there are people right here who don’t know who the Lord is. This little picture was a great reminder of that AGAIN for me. Especially with getting ready to start classes again, which will cause me to be mucho busy. So yes, “Go and Disciples”. Go and make Disciples right where you are. Go and make disciples at your 9-5 job. Go and make disciples at Wal-mart, Mcdonalds, or even in the DMV  (not a fun place!). God can use you absolutely anywhere and he intends to if you just let him. Praying that the Lord uses you in a mighty way in your everyday lives!

How has the Lord used you lately in your everyday life? Happy Tuesday bloggers!!


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