Have you ever known that you were meant to do something? You know when you just know this what the Lord has for you without a doubt? Okay, maybe it’s not all about the “knowing” but the Lord has opened so many doors in this direction. You don’t know how exactly it will all work out BUT you can see the finish line. You can see the finish line and you KNOW you’re going to make it. It’s going to be hard and its going to be challenging yes, but you are going to make it. How are we going to make it? We realize that we have someone amazing in your corner.  Someone who is going to walk with us every step of the way. If you’re wondering why I’m asking these questions it’s because that’s how it is for me and nursing. Nursing is what the Lord has planned for me, for my future.

I registered for the TEAS test about 2 weeks ago. I meant to post about this when it happened but a day, vacation started.  I know what the heck is that? Well It’s an entrance exam that you must take in order to get into the nursing program at my college. It its combined with you GPA to see if you make a composite score of 150. If you do then amazeballs, now they consider you along with everyone else who has made that or better. I have 3 classes left and the TEAS test. That is all that stands between me and the nursing program and I’m getting pretty excited.

Classes for me actually start tomorrow… Anatomy Lecture and Lab here I come!! This girl is ready to learn how everything works!! 🙂 One step closer to the dream of being a Nurse, walking with the Lord each step of the way. I’m pumped to see what he does! Happy Monday bloggers!!


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