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8 Things You Should Know

I stole this from another blog that I read today. I’m majorly behind on reading my lovely blogs that make my heart happy because of school. I had one test Monday and then two tests yesterday. Yikes, right? Well, this is the life of a nursing student and hey… I’m not even in the program yet! 🙂 Anyways back to the 8 things, I thought this would be a fun thing to do. Why? I haven’t had the blog very long and I figured it would be way to get to know me (if anyone actually reads this :). Feel free to copy and paste it yourself and do it on your blog!  Here we go!

1.      What’s the best piece of advice anyone has given you?

I don’t think I can pick ONE thing. I can share with you a little story that changed my life. It was more than explaining the concept of a few words instead of giving advice however.  It was when my camp counselor from the Wilds, Rebekah took the time to sit with me. She sat with me and explained the concept of forgiveness. We talked about random circumstances in my life and how forgiveness played a major role. She made the concept real for the first time and my already existing relationship (that I though I had) was made OH SO clear. I begin my walk with the Lord from there with complete understanding of who he was for the first time. I would consider those some pretty good words, not really advice but she spoke truth to my non-the-less.

Someone else who gives me really good advice on a daily basis, is my best friend Lyndsey. She is an amazing women of God and always knows how to set me straight. I think it works well because we are pretty open and honest with each other. So yea, I don’t think I’ve had ONE moment but several moments of good advice.

2. If you could meet any blogger in person, who would you choose?

Haha, I absolutely suck at picking just one. It’s just not my style, plus this is my blog. 🙂 I make the rules so I can name more than one right? Right! Okay, I will just say three because they are my absolute favorites.

First: Chloe, from the blog “Beyond Blessed”. She loves the Lord something fierce and her blog is majorly encouraging. I would describe it as the blog version of “Utmost for His Highest“.  Her relationship with her husband is one of the greats. It’s a great example for what a Godly relationship should look like. It’s a great example for me in what I should look for in a marriage, if the Lord decides to bless me in that area. I simply LOVE this blog! If you have never read it, go on over! I know every time I read it, I quiet literally feel blessed, go check it out!

Second: Hunter, from the blog “The Beless Family“. She is also a women after God’s own heart. Her blog is about her life with her husband who is in the Military. It’s also one of those GREAT marriages that the Lord has created.  I feel like when I’m reading her blog, that I’m doing life right along side her. I love how she captures life and encourages women to be strong in the Lord. Check it out, you won’t regret it!

Third: Nicole, from the blog “Running in Heels.” I don’t know if you see a pattern but she is also a women who LOVES the Lord. An encourager, a runner, and she is a nurse. She is actually in the process of applying to medical schools and I just love her blog! It inspires me  because of my own pursuit to be a runner/nurse. Her story reminds me a little bit of Davids. Walking with the Lord in her pursuit of her dreams while meeting up with some obstacles. However along the way trusting in what the Lord says to be true. It’s amazeballs, go check it out. 🙂

3. Blogs you’re loving right now?

Well that’s obvious, see all the above that I’ve mentioned. Also I love me some Mermaid Chronicles and Today’s Letters.

4. What’s your biggest struggle in life?

That would be that I try to fix/help people. I sometimes get extremely sad when I can’t help someone or encourage them in some way. That’s technically not my job, that the Lords job. He is in control not me. I think it’s a curse and a blessing at the same time. I just LOVE me some people! 🙂

5. Why did you start blogging?

I kept coming across tons of blogs that I loved to read. It inspired me to write one as well. Plus I knew it would be a good way to share Christ with others.

6. What’s something you love about yourself?

That I’m a  dreamer! I just couldn’t see having a life any other way. Believing that people are better than what society says. Believing I can make a difference with the help of my Lord and Savior. Believing when there seems to be no hope because you know what? We have a heavenly father who doesn’t let us go. He is our ultimate protector and he has us each step of the way.  Yup, as you can tell I’m a mush head… goes along with dreaming…:)

7. Tell us something we don’t know about you.

I hope some day go to Africa after I’m a nurse. I have no idea in what capacity. It could be short or long-term. It’s just a desire I’ve had on my heart since bible college and I can’t see what the Lord has in store!

8. Who inspires you?


The Lord: of course this is a given and I’m not just saying that to be super spiritual. He inspires me daily through his word to be more like him. His grace and love are abundant in my life and I wouldn’t make it without him. This session alone has taught me to depend on him every step of the way, I literally CAN NOT make it without him.

Lyndsey: It’s a given, she is the bestie. I’ve said it about a billion times, but for reals people, if you find a friend who loves the Lord, who truly does life with you, and has a heart the size of Africa… well you better hold on to them! BLESSING straight from the Lord, no lie!! Moral of the story, The Lord made this friendship and is the center so it is AMAZEBALLS!!

Have a great Wednesday bloggers!!


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