Be All There



I’m a huge fan of picture quotes! Why? Well this is why, they have such big messages with very few words being expressed. They have been big lately in my friends feed of Pinterest and I’m loving it! I’m in classes again and sometimes all I have time for are little bits of encouragement. I like to think of them as little “love notes” from the Lord.  Came across this little lovely the other day and wanted to share it.

For me it means several things but most importantly it focuses me on my Heavenly Father. If I’m not focused on him, let me tell you ladies and gents, I’m a mess!  I’m all sorts of emotions lately (with school starting back up) but one that never seems to go away is the desire to be on the missions field. I desire to be in a different country but the Lord has me going to school right now.  I also desire to be a nurse and I’m going to be able to serve him in that way someday as well. I’m feeling all sorts of torn because of this, however the Lord keeps reminding me , “Be all Here”.

He has placed me in this season of my life for a reason. He has me going to school to be a nurse for a reason. I know that in due time I will be able to be elsewhere. However while I’m here I need to be ALL HERE. I need to be serving him while I’m here.  This being said I wanted to just share with you this little piece of encouragement.  I know its hard to be still while the Lord is gearing you up for something in the future. I understand the desire to be else where, believe me! For all i know the Lord may never have me on the mission field. I will certainly never do anything against his will. I would just say though remember this:  If the Lord has placed you somewhere for the time being make the most of it. Invest in the people you are around, do life with them. Meet them where they are and just share the Lord with them. Live for the Lord where you are until he places you somewhere else. Trust him in every circumstance, and remember this….

“Wherever You Are, Be ALL There”


2 responses to “Be All There

    • It was good to look back on this as it has been a while since I wrote it. The Lord has to continually remind me to be all there. Sometimes I feel like the Israelites, with goldfish memory! So thankful for his grace and that he continues to walk step by step with me. Have a great day, thank you for stopping by!

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